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Marker special-etching
A hand-etching on granite is the perfect option for adding a more personalized tribute to a granite monument. Portraits, farm-scenerie, animals or any other motive that was an important part of the persons life can be etched onto the granite.

Compared to laser-etchings, our hand-etchings carve much deeper into the granite to create a more prominent and sharper looking image, sometimes a laser-etching will be hard to see from certain angles, during strong sunlight or rain, this is not the case with our hand-etchings. The deeper engraving serves as a protection against various weather and natural influences.
A good hand-etching will be superior to laser-etchings in all aspects when it comes to the quality of an etching.
Carving on a granite monument requires years of experience and artistic finesse, but it is one of the most beautiful and unique ways of adding a personal touch to a monument.

Most monument makers only offer pre-carved designs from factories or Asia, but at at Guinn & Simpson Memorials we have the experienced staff to offer you a personalized hand-carving that fits your ideas and wishes.

If you have a design in mind, feel free to ask us and our artists whether it can be carried out on the Granite or Marble monument you want us to make.
At Guinn & Simpson Memorials our goal is to make quality Monuments that last and will look good forever.

Our technique in deep letter-carving is a tradition that has withstood the tests of time and we still continue using it today, when many started to disregard it for the sake of cost and time reduction.

The deep carving ensures that the lettering will always stand out when needed and protect it from any harmful natural influences that could affect the visibility of the lettering.
deep letter
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